When photoshop magic turns day into night.
Siemens requested for a panoramic picture of the city, considering the electricity provided by Siemens turbine engine. We decided to use the picture of the holy city of Makkah. And tried a number of photographers but never found an appropriate one, at last found a daylight picture taken from Jabal al-Nour and decided to turns the picture into night mode.
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  • Siemens
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  • Mansour Thaleb
It took two days to achieve the result. It was first published through a press ad. The picture went on to become the 2018 iconic image of Siemens used more than 100 plus advertisement including their global website.
This is an excellent company! I personally enjoyed the energy and the professional support the whole team gave to us into creating website.
Mattie Stepanek
Branding and Marketing Agency Based in Riyadh